Monday, September 6, 2010

Alone in the water for 20 hours: Dramatic rescue of seven people - including three children - after boat sinks 25 miles off U.S. coast

By Mail Foreign Service
Last updated at 11:22 AM on 6th September 2010
Comments (9) Add to My Stories Seven people, including three children, have escaped with their lives after they spent a terrifying night alone in the ocean after their boat sank 25 miles from shore.
The seven - who have been pictured but who have not been named - were miraculously spotted by a helicopter just as it was about to abandon its search off the coast of South Carolina today.

Their 38-foot powerboat began taking on water at around 10am yesterday morning after the engine compartment flooded.
Enlarge Back on dry land: Three of the seven people on board - including a child - are taken to hospital in Charleston after their dramatic rescue on Sunday

Narrow escape: Safe in the ambulance, the three smile for a Coast Guard lieutenant as he takes their picture
As it began to slip beneath the waves, they donned life jackets and abandoned ship.
Clinging to a cooler, and without any way to call for help, they could to nothing but watch as the boat slowly sank.
When the sun set, they faced a long night alone, floating in the dark ocean without any idea if they would survive until morning.
It was not until 10pm that the wife of one of those on board alerted the Coast Guard, worried when they did not return.
Another of the boat's passengers, wrapped in a towel, is taken to the hospital
Two rescue helicopters searched through the night. They were approaching their final flight pattern before having to return to base at 6.02am when a flight mechanic spotted what looked like debris floating in the water.
When they flew over, they could see the bow of the boat jutting just four feet out of the water - and, nearby, the missing seven.

A rescue diver leapt into the water to help all seven, including the children, be hoisted on board the helicopters.
They were rushed to hospital in Charleston. Their condition was not clear last night.

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